Jane Jackson has been with the practice for over 25 years and is the glue that keeps the practice together! After a 6 month stint working for Bank, Jane Jackson decided the banking career was not for her and joined another local dentist before joining Glenn’s practice as a junior Dental Assistant with very little experience.

Jane Jackson quickly decided that she could run the practice better than Glenn and her journey began on working her way through all aspects of the practice giving her the knowledge and understanding of the nuts and bolts of the practice.

Jane Jackson is responsible for the overall successful organisation and running of the practice, ensuring that the standards of the practice are upheld. Responsible for the business administration and staffing of the practice.

Outside of work, Jane’s focus is on her family and being mum to her two beautiful daughters Anna and Julia. She also loves to travel, having travelled to Europe twice before having a family. Now travel tends to be smaller family holidays.

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